Just a bit about me... I want to help you build your business!

Hello, for those who don’t know me from LinkedIn or Facebook, my name is Gordon Jones. Please indulge me for a moment while I brief you about who I am, because it is all relevant to the conversation today.

I earned my Masters and Doctorate in Health Administration from the Medical University of SC. After graduating from The Citadel and serving two tours in the military, I acquired 25 years of digital health innovation, entrepreneurship, and business development experience that encompasses much of which is required by any health related organization as the US health system evolves rapidly from Fee-For-Service to Value-based and Risk-based care models. I recently founded Lifelog Health for making wearables and IoT useful in healthcare and he is the Principal owner and Chief Investment Officer for Birddog.Ventures.

I am a multi-sport athlete playing soccer (only coaching now), tennis, running, triathlons, and a two time member of the US Men’s Masters Beach Ultimate Team winning Silver at the 2004 World Games and Gold at the 2007 World Championships in Brazil.

I am the son of parents in their 80s aging in their home, but whom still need some looking after. With my wife, Jennifer, they have adopted 5 children to care for and raise to be independent and contributing adults. Four of them are boys under 15 still living at home in North Augusta, SC. We are also founders of the 501c3 foundation, OurATA.org, providing speech, occupational, and physical therapy to children in need and, most recently, the establishment of the Martha Lester School of Integrated Learning - a pre-school combining therapy and educational services for those with special medical needs integrated with neuro-typical children from the community.

Through this experience, I have coached, mentored, and educated people and their organizations in the dynamics of digital technology to manage health and financial information, as well as the all-important patient experience, communication and engagement.

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Be Well,

Dr. Gordon Jones